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We are professional, approachable, boutique by intention, and driven to find the right fit

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Why We Exist

“This is a people-to-people process”, Carol Crossdale

We seek to fill roles with candidates that “stick”. Crossdale Search is known for curating short lists of qualified, vetted, sought-after hires to fulfill sought-after in-house and law firm attorney and compliance positions. We’re not interested in checking the box and hoping it works out. We are committed to doing the work to understand the whole organization and the unique qualities of the individuals looking for positions.

Our team develops an in depth understanding and partners with our clients to find the ideal match to the vision, corporate and team culture, and expectations of the role to be filled. We pay great attention to detail and assist in “whole-life-planning” for our candidates to match you to roles that align with your goals today and in the future.

Crossdale Search is knowingly bespoke and intelligently selective. Our unique approach benefits both those who are building teams and professionals with the in-demand human capital and legal/compliance skill sets who are ready to make a move.

 In a world increasingly enamored with technology and algorithms, our success goes beyond levels and areas of expertise. Our humanness, candor, integrity, and networks set Crossdale Search apart from the competition.

Carol Crossdale, Founder & CEO Crossdale Search Attorney and Compliance Recruitment

Introducing Carol

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Carol is known among clients, colleagues, friends and family for her "do whatever-it-takes" approach to advancing people and achieving results. She is regularly described as tenacious, resilient, entrepreneurial, and a strategic thinker and determined problem solver. 

With nearly two decades of legal recruiting experience, Carol brings her creative attitude to every search and placement she undertakes. Although Carol is serious and pragmatic in her work, she is a "people person", and truly enjoys getting to know her clients and candidates well, sharing stories and learning what makes them tick. She is energized by helping people move forward - both in the recruitment process and also with their longer-term goals.


After graduating from Harvard Law School, Carol began her legal career as a Corporate Associate at Davis Polk, before moving in-house to PepsiCo, Inc. where she supported the company's beverage businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Carol is a member of the Board of the Harvard Law School Association of New York and former Chair of the Hunter College Pre-Law Advisory Board. In her free time, Carol loves to travel, spend time with her niece and nephew, and practice her newly-discovered cooking skills.

Our Team

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