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We prioritize you 

A conversation with us let's us bring strategic perspectives to your career journey. 

Our passionate end-to-end holistic approach to placement offers 

personalized consulting to identify opportunities. We provide unparalleled interview preparation and will advise you through the negotiation phase. 

We‘re a vested partner in your success and will continue to support you even after you've settled into your new role. 

See how Crossdale Search can benefit you

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Pivot in-house? Lateral to a new law firm? Relocating?

At Crossdale Search, we specialize in helping attorneys and compliance professionals reach the next level in their careers with premiere placements. We are trusted advisors who communicate with passion and candor.

We will take the time to understand who you are, what work you’ve done, and find your career aspirations. We search diligently to find you not just a job, but a role that aligns with your goals today and for the future.

We work with the highest level of integrity. We take pride in our ingenuity and out of box thinking. We roll-up our sleeves and work creatively to achieve the best fit for you.

Our approach goes beneath the surface to uncover the intangibles and nuanced human characteristics for both employer and candidate. As a result, not only are the required skill sets met, but also a mutually satisfying cultural fit is achieved.

We are an authentic placement partner, skilled at handling both the employer's and candidate's needs to facilitate a smooth process. After placement, we stay in touch to assist you with integration and career development. We remain a valuable resource.

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